Wholesaler Testimonial

Steeping Leaf’s broad and carefully curated tea blends offer something for everyone. Their creative proprietary blends excite bold customers, while subtle twists on classic teas are comforting with a hint of adventure. As a tea retailer, I feel like I can offer a completely unique tea experience. I display our tea in large glass jars and encourage customers to smell different teas. I help customers find their perfect tea by asking for a few flavor notes: spicy, sweet, floral, earthy, minty, energizing, fruity. With so many offerings for black, green, white and herbal tea, it’s seldom someone doesn’t fall in love with a blend! The bright pops of color from the label against the sophisticated natural brown bag makes for a beautiful gift and a great souvenir.
— Elena, Owner of Ghost Town, Telluride, CO

Communal Elements of Tea Sharing

Here at the Steeping Leaf, we love the pause that comes with a good cup of tea. We believe in sharing good conversation and thoughtful interactions, and we love how the small-batch beverage renaissance enhances that synergy. Tea is just another way to celebrate quality and community in one warm cup.


Your Business

Coffeehouses, wellness spaces, restaurants, bars and hospitality businesses are all joining the burgeoning world of craft beverage in their offerings to clientele. The Steeping Leaf teas are a curated line of unique teas created to round out your menu and delight your guests, whoever they may be.


No minimum orders

Perhaps you’d like to carry the complete Steeping Leaf line, from bulk wholesale to packaged retail teas. Or perhaps your business only requires a few specific teas. You’re free to pick and choose! With no minimum orders, you can ascertain what works best for your customer base and go from there.



Product Testimonial

Turmeric Glow is an easy best seller. Some others include: Chair 9 Chai, Earl Grey, Vanilla Mint, Lemongrass Green, Green Peak, Orchard Mate, Colorado Peaches, Lavender Bliss, Aspen Glow, See Forever, Caramel Rooibos... the list goes on!
— Elena, Owner of Ghost Town, Telluride, CO


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