Floral Notes

Floral Notes


Inspired by our favorite blooms.

A bundle includes three teas totaling 9oz of tea, 3oz of each tea.

Wild Mountain Rose

Every spring the Rocky Mountains abound with the blooms of wild roses. They gave us the idea for this tea: rich Indian black tea and fresh rose blossoms steep into a perfect mix of floral and full notes. Additionally, Wild Mountain Rose is antioxidant as heck.

Variety: Black

Ingredients: Black Tea and Rose Petals

Caffeine Level {0-3}: 3

Steep Time: 4-5 minutes

Lavender Bliss

Close your eyes. Take a sniff of Lavender Bliss. Ahhh…you’re in Provence! This tranquil infusion blooms with the snug scents of lavender and vanilla, promoting relaxation. The fragrant properties of this tea, along with raw cacao nibs and red raspberry leaf, will relieve the stresses of your day.

Variety: Herbal

Ingredients: Lavender, Red Raspberry Leaf, Cacao Nibs, Natural Flavoring

Caffeine Level {0-3}: 0

Steep Time: 6-8 minutes

Juju Jasmine

Fancy & Flowery. Premium Chinese green tea is enhanced to perfection by the best in fragrant jasmine. Posh, plush, and smoothly blended to create the fanciest flowery tea.

Variety: Green

Ingredients: Fine Green Tea, Jasmine Blossoms

Caffeine Level {0-3}: 2

Steep Time: 3-4 minutes

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