Roots of the Leaf

How It All Began

The Steeping Leaf was founded in 2010 to supply unique teas to the lively mountain town of Telluride, Colorado. Back then, Telluride’s coolest coffeehouse was The Steaming Bean, a funky spot inhabited by all manner of Telluride denizens. The Bean, as we knew it, was a home to all manner of art, from tons of local music and comedy to raucous poetry nights and off-the-cuff dance parties. Local artistry filled the walls and the employees were a spectrum of interesting adventurers and creators just beginning to create their community in our little mountain town.

The Steeping Leaf teas proved popular at this little spot, but- more importantly- the Steaming Bean informed the way we have developed as a company. The love and sharing expressed at the ol’ Bean helped us see small restaurants and coffeehouses as purveyors of community- as so much more than just food service businesses. On the contrary, they can be the true heartbeat of a community.

From its roots as tea supplier to the vibrant Steaming Bean, the Steeping Leaf has expanded to provide teas to a number of coffee and tea shops, apothecaries and wellness spaces across the West. In 2015, our website was launched, creating an online storefront where tea lovers can order from anywhere in the world.

To this day, we’re inspired by rad small businesses that create community. We have established a peachy customer base who appreciate our quality organic tea sourcing, delicious creative tea blends, and classic tea favorites. We’re inspired by the communal elements of tea sharing that bring humans together. We’re a lady-run small business, operating from Telluride, bringing tea to our region and beyond- and, we hope, carrying on the tradition of warm interactions that harken back to our first days in Telluride!

Joanna Spindler