Product Spotlight: Embers & Sparks Chai

The Chai that warms the cockles of your cockles!

The recipe for Embers & Sparks Chai was developed over many frigid Telluride winters, carefully refined with trial & error & field testing on friends and adventure partners. We wanted an extra-spicy chai that packed the punch of a shot of cinnamon whisky (but without the detrimental effects on your body!) We brought it ice climbing and backcountry skiing and sent some tea along on friends’ expeditions into the Himalayas, testing out the properties of different blends, before settling on this final recipe.

Embers & Sparks contains an amalgam of spices & herbs that promote healthy circulation and lightly increase cardiovascular function to warm you from the inside out. You’ve probably experienced bodily warmth after eating a spicy curry or peppery Mexican food- that may be due to the effects of capsaicin, a naturally occurring compound found in members of the pepper family. This tea harnesses the benefits of three forms of pepper, plus the warming power of ginger, the blood-sugar regulating effects of real Ceylon cinnamon, the caffeine boost of a good high altitude tea- plus many other herbs & spices- to give a circulation-improving boost from inside your body.

Here at the Steeping Leaf, we like to take a page from Sherpa teacraft and add a dash of something creamy, too- the fat content will naturally prolong the effects of the tea & spices, extending the warmth throughout your day!

If you’ve brought Embers & Sparks along on an adventure, we’d love to hear about it, let us know- and thanks for reading!